9 Chest Exercises You Can Do With Resistance Bands – How To Get A Jacked Chest At Home

Chest exercises are one of the most effective ways to build muscle and lose fat, which can help you sculpt a strong, masculine chest. 

Resistance bands are a great tool to add to your workout routine because they can enhance your other workouts or even be used on their own at home when you don’t have access to other gym equipment. 

If you’re looking to sculpt your chest, resistance bands are an easy way to do it at home or on the go. 

There are endless types of chest exercises you can do with resistance bands, but these nine are the best of the best and they’ll help you build rock-solid pecs and improve your posture along the way.

How Can I Build My Chest At Home?

Being able to exercise at home is not some crazy new thing.

Bodyweight training like calisthenics is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise.

Not only for improving strength and fitness but also for building a huge physique once thought to only be achieved with heavy weight lifting routines.

Resistance bands now take bodyweight training to a new level.

And simple to do chest exercises like push-ups can now be extremely beneficial tools with the new added benefits of progressive overload.

One of the issues that typically come up with calisthenics is progressive overload.

You need to be able to progressively push your muscles further in workouts to build size and strength.

And while I personally don’t see this being an issue with calisthenics, there are people who use it as an excuse not to participate.

Resistance bands solve that issue for good.

Sure you can make push-ups harder with methods like slowing down the movement, changing the angle, and changing your hand placement. 

But by wrapping a band around your shoulders and pushing back into this you add load to a simple bodyweight exercise.

And you are only limited by how many bands you have as to how far you can take it!

Can Resistance Bands Build Chest?

You need progressive overload to build muscles and your chest is no different.

And not only are resistance bands great for adding load to push-ups, but they can also replicate almost any cable machine exercise you can think of.

Take chest flies for example.

All you need to do is wrap the band around your back and take the two ends as handles and you can do cable flies at home!

Another benefit you can get from training with bands is targeting your core as well. Will bench press is a great exercise you can’t do it standing.

Standing chest press with bands forces your core muscles to do more work to keep you upright and balanced.

So while you are smashing your chest, you are also giving your core a deep burn as well!

Can You Bench Press With Resistance Bands?

You sure can! And it gets better, there are multiple ways to do it! You can use a bench or you can lie on the floor.

You can stick with just the band or you can add a bar as well!

You can also do them from a v-sit position to bring in extra core!

And if that’s not enough, using a band is actually more effective and safer than using weights.

When you perform a bench press the weight stays the same the whole time.

And this can cause issues because your shoulder joint is not strong and safe throughout the whole movement.

When you use a band the load is the lightest at the start of the movement where your shoulder is at the most risk.

As you push through the band the load gets heavier as your shoulder becomes stronger and safer.

Try completing a full set at the full range of motion until you can no longer push right out.

Then carry on performing reps pushing out halfway until you can longer push that far.

Finish off by pushing out only to 25% until you reach fatigue.

One set of that is all you need to completely fatigue your muscles through the full range of motion.

How Can I Get Ripped Chest At Home?

Getting ripped is not something that can be targetted to specific body parts.

To get ripped you need to burn fat and fat comes away from everywhere at the same time unfortunately.

Getting ripped is also done in the kitchen.

If you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight. So to burn fat you need to eat in a calorie deficit.

Check out this article I posted teaching you how to eat what you want on the weekend and still lose weight!

9 Best Resistance Band Chest Exercises To Do At Home

Ok so let’s get right into the best resistance band exercises to build a huge chest at home!

1. Push Ups

chest exercises with resistance bands - man doing push ups with a resistance band

Set up like you would a normal push up only you want to have the band through your hands and around your back.

You’re going to feel a lot more squeeze at the top of this one!

2. Floor Press

chest exercises with resistance bands - man-with-resistance-band-doing-floor-press

Same setup at the push up only your going to flip it round onto your back and press up into the band.

Try taking this a step further with the V-Sit Press you’ll see below!

3. Upper Press

chest exercises with resistance bands - man-with-resistance-band-doing-upper-press

Start standing up with the band around your back again.

You’re going to press the band out and up at an angle to target your upper pecs.

4. Chest Flies

chest exercises with resistance bands - man-doing-chest-flies-with-resistance-band

This time we’re going to set up with a slight bend in our elbows and bring our hands together in front of us with a nice squeeze in the middle!

5. Standing Chest Press

chest exercises with resistance bands - woman-with-resistance-band-doing-standing-chest-press

As I mentioned earlier the standing chest press is a great way to bring more core into your chest workout!

6. Banded Explosive Push Up

chest exercises with resistance bands - man-performing-a-explosive-push-up

This time instead of finishing the push-up at the top we’re going to push with more force bringing our hands off the ground at the top before dropping back down to the start.

7. Resistance Band Close Hand Press

chest exercises with resistance bands - Man using resistance bands to do close hand push ups

By bringing our hands in close for this week we bring our triceps into the exercise more.

But you’re still going to feel this in your chest.

Try this one towards the end of your workout.

8. Hex Press

chest exercises with resistance bands - man using a resistance band to do a hex press

You’re going to need to tie the band off to something for this one.

Step back with tension on the band and take the band in two hands and press up above you!

9. V-Sit Press

chest exercises with resistance bands - man-with-resistance-band-doing-v-sit-press

A great way to finish off your chest day with the added core work.

You can even try alternating your hands to send your core in overdrive!


Training with resistance bands is more than just effective.

They are safer and more efficient to train with.

So if you want to start getting more out of your home chest workouts maybe it’s time to get yourself a set of bands.

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