Are Home Workouts Better Than Gym – How To Stay Fit In Lockdown

To say one workout is better than another is a bit weird to do in my opinion.

Is an apple better than an orange?

Is green better than blue?

It all comes down to your goals, and what you actually have access to.

That world got flipped upside down last year, and the fitness industry definitely didn’t avoid that chaos.

Everything changed when the world went into lockdown, and I don’t think it’s ever going to be the same again.

Sure things have gone back close to normal here in Australia, but the way we do things at our gym now is different.

The way I coach people has changed.

People have found new ways to train, and coaches have had to stay on the trend quickly.

A lot of people have found they don’t need a gym anymore.

I myself have started training with less and less equipment.

I still use the gym, but I’m not there for every workout like I used to be.

I’m still as strong as I was, still as fit as I was.

And I’m actually leaner now than I was before covid struck.

The way I train has changed, and I’m seeing changes in myself that I like as well.

That being said, just because I’m enjoying the new way I train doesn’t mean it’s better than the old way.

It’s just working better for my lifestyle right now. 

I’ve said it before, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

And I truly believe with exercise there’s more than one right way to do it.

If you still have access to a full gym, and it still works for you, keep doing it.

If you don’t but you’ve got a program or a set up at home that is working, then keep doing that.

Remember, we’re trying to improve ourselves.

Be better than you were yesterday.

If the goal is just to be in better shape, lose a few pounds, or feel better about yourself then you can do that anywhere.

And to help you do it anywhere I’ve written this EBook ‘Train Wherever The F*ck You Want‘ And its FREE to download.

Its my guide to everything resistance bands, and how you can train anywhere!

Are Home Workouts Better Than Gym?

Are Home Workouts Better Than Gym - two men showing bodyweight squats

Again, what is better? What’s the comparison we’re actually making here?

Is it better to have access to a full set of equipment?

Or is it better to be able to hop in your own shower right after your workout?

Is it better to have a room full of people to motivate you?

Or is it better to be away from the insecure feeling of training around others?

Are group classes better than online classes? Is there a difference?

I really do feel like this is an apples and oranges comparison.

There’s no reason why you can’t work your muscles just as effectively at home.

I think it’s safe to say that a workout at home can be just as good as a workout at the gym.

But on the flip side, it can be a whole lot worse for some people.

A lot of people need the gym.

They need the fact that they’ve paid for something, otherwise, they won’t go out and do it.

Some people need a class environment.

And that’s fine, if you know what works for you then keep doing what works. I don’t use the excuse you can’t do it at home now.

If there’s a class at a gym, there will be a class online that does close to the same thing.

Maybe not exactly the same but suck it up. The world is different now. 

It’s not hard to buy a bike and a trainer online, set it up at home, and do a spin class.

Sure it’s not exactly the same but it’s better than nothing right?

I have 3 kettlebells and a set of 4 resistance bands and I can get the same workout at home with them as I can at the gym with a full set of free weights and cable machines.

You just have to be a little creative.

Can You Get Ripped With Home Workouts?

Of course, you can. I can’t stress this enough.

There is no secret diet, there is no trick that the celebrities get.

There is no “best diet”.

If you want to lose weight you need to eat a calorie deficit, if you want to gain weight you need to eat a calorie surplus.

So if you want to get ripped, it really doesn’t matter where you train.

At the gym, in a park, at home, on the moon.

If you’re not eating right you could be training in a gym at the park on the moon and you still won’t get ripped.

Getting ripped, getting abs are done in the kitchen.

It’s as simple as that. Eat clean, cut out sugar, and eat enough protein.

You can experiment with keto, with carb cycling, with paleo, it doesn’t really matter.

Different diets work for people for all sorts of different reasons but the one rule stays the same.

If you eat more than you burn you will gain weight.

So, for about the 50th time check out myfitnesspal.

This app is great, it does all the work for you.

You punch in your weight, height, age, fitness level, etc.

And the app works out the rest for you.

Tell you your calories, your fats, your proteins, and your carbs.

All you need to do is log what you eat, and make sure you stay within the numbers you’re given.

Treat your diet like your budget and you’ll be well on your way.

Failing that, check out an article I wrote here on how you can eat what you want and still lose weight.

How Can I Make Myself Workout At Home?

Motivation is a big problem for plenty of people when it comes to exercise.

And exercising at home where there are not as many people around you to get you pumped up can be tough.

So here’s a workout you can follow along with at home.

I post a fair few of these so make sure you subscribe to the channel so you can see new workouts when they come up.

Another way is good old-fashioned accountability.

Find someone who is going to keep you honest.

Maybe they’ll work out with you.

Using platforms like zoom makes this so easy now as well, you don’t even need your training buddy in your house with you.

One more thing I recommend doing is to write yourself a reminder.

Put it up on your mirror, your fridge, your baby’s forehead!

You need to see it constantly to remind you.

Have you done your workout today?

This guy here will keep you motivated.

He’s a big influence on me and my life now.