Are Innstar Resistance Bands Any Good? – An Honest Review

I’ve been a big fan of resistance bands for a while.

They make up the bulk of my home gym, and most of my workouts are done using resistance bands.

I’ve written multiple articles about the benefits of training with resistance bands.

And I’ve made a few youtube videos with bands mostly workouts and fitness challenges.

And this is where I first heard about Innstar.

In fact, they approached me about a new product they were bringing out and asked if I would be interested in filming a review for them.

So as someone who trains with bands regularly and has personally tried innstars resistance bands, I have a bit of authority on the topic.

But the short answer is yes, Innstars resistance bands are effective.

But are they worth the price?

At the bottom of this article, I have linked my video review of their portable bench press.

But first, let’s dive into a few common questions about Innstar resistance bands.

And resistance bands in general.

Is Innstar Any Good?

innstar resistance bands - Man-doing-a-row-with-innstar-resistance-bands

Innstar seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

When they first reached out to me I thought it was a joke at first.

The message came to me through Instagram and it wasn’t from an official page.

Before I replied to the message I did my usual research.

You see I have people message me every day.

And 9 times out of 10 it’s rubbish, or it’s some lame grow your follower’s scheme.

So when I got their message I was skeptical.

And what made it worse was the only trace I could find of them was a Japanese-based Instagram page.

But that was something at least. 

A new company that looked to be expanding internationally.

But with the offer of some free products and a new topic for a growing youtube channel I decided to give it a go.

It took about a week to receive the goods and I got right to it. Easy enough to understand.

It’s basically an adjustable resistance band with handles.

And as I’ve mentioned, I do most of my training with resistance bands so it didn’t take long to form a solid opinion.

It’s good, it’s easy to use, and having the bar attachment adds another level to working out with bands.

But honestly, I would probably just stick with normal resistance bands.

The only this I still use is the bar that came with it.

I think that’s a great addition to working out with bands because it keeps your wrists in a safer position throughout the movement.

In fact, I encourage all of my clients to train with bands and to get themselves a bar to go with them now.

But let’s look at how to actually use the innstar resistance bands.

How Do You Use Innstar Resistance Bands?

Innstar resistance bands work pretty much the same as any other resistance bands.

The tension the bands create is similar to that of a cable machine.

You might have seen these at the gym.

Typically big machines with stacks of weight plates built-in with a handle or bar attached to a cable that moves the weights.

Cable machines are very popular with bodybuilders because they keep tension on your muscle for longer.

As opposed to typical free weights which have an easier patch through the full range of motion.

Innstar resistance bands have a large back strap with 3 interchangeable bands on either side attached to two handles.

So you can increase or decrease the resistance simply by adding or removing bands.

How Do You Use Innstar Bench Press?

innstar resistance bands - man-using-innstar-portable-bench-press-bar

The innstar portable bench press is a great little add-on to your typical band workout.

And it’s as easy as placing the bar right through both handles. 

The major benefit of using the bar is it keeps your wrists locked in their natural position.

Holding the bands on their own can twist your wrist towards the tension of the band.

Now that’s not a deal breaker but if you have wrist pain it has real potential to make it worse.

But check out my video at the bottom of this article giving you a full breakdown of how to use the innstar portable bench press

Do Resistance Bands Work?

You bet they do!

And there are a few major reasons why they work.

And why I prefer them over free.

Resistance Bands Are Easier On Your Joints

innstar resistance bands - a-man-smiling-and-holding-resistance-bands-over-his-shoulder

When you perform a bench press you start the movement with your shoulder joints in their weakest, most vulnerable position.

It’s not until your arms are almost locked out that your shoulder joint and muscles are at their peak.

When you load up with heavy weight, the weight stays the same, when your joint is weak and when it’s strong.

Resistance bands get heavy as you stretch them.

So if you do a standing or laying press with resistance bands the tension is at its weakest when your joints are at their weakest.

The load gets heavier when your shoulders are at the strongest and safest.

So by training with resistance bands through the full range of motion not only are you still get an effective load on your muscles.

But you’re also doing it while keeping your joints safe at healthy.

Improving strength all through the shoulder joint.

Resistance Bands Keep Tension On Through The Full Range Of Motion

Now even though the band builds in intensity throughout the movement, they also maintain tension through the full range of motion.

Free weights don’t always do this.

Take a bicep curl for example.

The initial part of the lift is really easy but it gets difficult very quickly.

But then before you get a chance to really feel the intensity it’s easy again.

And I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

The top part of a bicep curl is almost too easy.

But when you do this with resistance bands tension is there the whole time.

And what does that mean?

It means you are fatiguing your muscles much faster and more effectively.

You Can Use Resistance Bands Anywhere!

innstar resistance bands - close-up-of-innstar-portable-bench-press-bar

That’s right!

A packet of resistance bands is so lightweight that you really have no excuse not to take it with you anywhere.

Sure when you go on holiday you want to relax.

But there’s no reason why you can’t get a few short and effective workouts in no matter where you are in the world.

Or if you live in a small apartment then resistance bands are your new home gym.

I keep two packets of resistance bands, a skipping rope, and a short bar in a gym bag tucked down the side of my couch.

Guest don’t even know it’s there!

All I have to do is move the coffee table to the side and my living room is the perfect place to get a full body workout in.

There’s no waiting in traffic, I can have a shower right after I workout, and I’m right next to the kitchen to get a protein shake in right away!

How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle With Resistance Bands?

That is going to depend on you.

How often you train, and how much you’re eating.

You see something the fitness industry doesn’t talk about enough is the truth about weight loss and weight gain.

The diet that you are on really doesn’t matter.

It all comes down to calories in versus calories out. And how much protein you are eating.

If you want to gain weight you need to be eating 200-300 calories a day above your maintenance calories.

And 20-30% of your total calories should be protein.

If you want to lose weight you need to eat 200-300 calories below your maintenance calories.

And as well you need to be getting 20-30% of your total calories from protein. 

Here’s a great website you can use to figure out how many calories you need to be eating.

To build muscle you also need to do resistance training.

Whether that be with free weights, resistance bands or bodyweight doesn’t really matter.

Your muscles need resistance to grow bigger and stronger.

You should be aiming to train every muscle group 3 times a week.

So if you eat enough and you are working out at least 3 times a week you will gain muscle.

As for how long it takes, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Building muscle takes time so need to need to keep at it.

But you will start to notice a difference within 6 weeks.

Can You Get Ripped With Resistance Bands?

Just like I said above.

As long as you get your diet right and you are committed to your training routine you most certainly can get ripped with resistance bands. 

In fact, I have a training program with that exact name! If you want to check it out click this link.

How Do I Choose A Resistance Band?

Resistance bands and such an inexpensive piece of gym equipment that you are honestly better off just buying a full pack.

For as little as $49.99 you can get a set of 6 bands from the team over at DMoose.

All six bands vary in resistance and are of different colors and thicknesses to make it easier.

So just like that, you can replace a gym membership and start working out when and where you want for less than $50!

And to make it even easier for you, download your FREE copy of my EBook. ‘Train Wherever The F*ck You Want’ it’s my free guide to everything you need to know to get started with resistance bands.

I even include a full week’s worth of workouts to get you started! 

And as promised, here is the full video review.

Leave me a comment before you go and let me know what else you’re unsure about with your fitness journey!