Functional Training At Home? Ultimate Guide To Exercises And Benefits

The great thing about functional training is that when done right, you can do it anywhere.

The definition of functional is ‘the quality of being able to serve a purpose practically’.

So functional training is quite literally, exercising to be able to serve a practical purpose.

Training that will improve how you go about your life, making you better at doing your normal shit.

A lot of what we see when we search for functional training is tire flips and sled push and what not.

And for the most part that is how I go about it.

But it doesn’t mean that’s the only way.

If anything, functional training is actually easier to do at home.

You can take the task you do around the house that takes strength and fitness and work it into how you train.

Let’s take a task like carrying the washing basket out to the washing line.

Nothing too strenuous right.

Why not fill the washing basket up with the few books and make that work 10 times without putting the basket down.

Now have a little rest and take the same basket, hold it nice and close to your chest and do 10 squats, rest for 30 seconds and repeat 4 times.

See how easy it is and how you can apply both of those movements to your life.

How much easier would it be to go about your chores if they didn’t make you tired.

Doing a thruster, or squat press with the washing basket is another way to take it to the next level.

Start by squatting down with the basket, as you stand up and all in one motion, lift the basket above your head.

Repeat for 3 sets of 10.

Now you’re a sweaty mess.

As you can see training at home can be a good option.

Training anywhere you want is an even better option!

So download your free copy of my E-Book. Train wherever the f*ck you want.

And like the title says you can train wherever you want!

Is HIIT Functional Training?

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is basically performing bursts of intense exercise followed by short periods of rest.

So it wouldn’t be too hard to do this style of training with functional movements.

I speak a lot about functional training.

I’m a big fan of making exercise more applicable to your life, to your hobbies.

The world is getting busier right, so why not double down.

Make your training work for something else other than just looking and feel better.

Give your exercise some extra purpose and make it support other aspects of your life.

HIIT isn’t necessarily functional training but it can be.

In fact, there are already places promoting HIFT, High-Intensity functional training.

So let’s find a way to do that at home now.

Get yourself a 30-second interval timer, I use youtube for this, easy as.

Let’s take 3 functional movements we can do at home.

All we’ll need is 2 buckets half-filled with sand, dirt, or anything really.

We’ll do 30 seconds at a fast pace followed by 30 seconds of rest.

First off let’s perform a farmer’s carry, take a bucket in either hand and walk, Just that.

A nice fast-paced walk until you hear the beep, now rest for 30.

Next, we’ll do deadlifts, bending at the knees and keeping your back straight, bend down and pick up the buckets so they hang either side.

Now lower them back down again, making sure the form is good, repeat for 30 seconds then rest.

Now do 10 rounds of that, sit down, and cry.

Have a little drink, wipe the sweat off and start another 10 rounds…

And there we have it.

Have a read through this article I wrote going into a bit more detail about functional training for strength.

What Is TRX Functional Training?

How Do You Do Functional Training At Home - man improving another mans form on a trx squat

A TRX is another great piece of equipment to have at home, a suspension trainer you can set up in a doorway and perform a huge array of awesome movements.

A lot of the movements that can be done for a TRX are functional movements.

A TRX allows you to take a lot of the traditional bodyweight movements to another level.

Using bodyweight movement to resist gravity in a whole other way.

No big limit with bodyweight training at home is getting you back.

There are ways you can do it, but by using a TRX it is much easier to perform a row, one of the main movements for targeting your back.

While you can hold yourself under the dining table and row, not everyone’s dining table allows for that.

But when you can hang a set of handles from a door you can now train your back easily at home.

Two main movements we perform with our body are pushing and pulling.

And the pulling can be hard to do when you don’t at least have a pull-up bar.

And I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have a pull-up bar in my living room.

TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit
TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit

Suspension trainers like a TRX make it so easy to do this.

They almost help promote balance and stability in movements. 

I made a video I while back speaking about functional training at home and give examples of some things you can do with a TRX and other handpieces of equipment. Check it out below.

Trying to exercise routines are diets is fine.

But they are not going to last unless you build the discipline you need to stick to them.

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