Resistance Loops Workout – Ultimate Resistance Band Guide

Resistance loop bands are your total gym, your full-body workout equipment.

There’s no longer any need to sit in traffic for 30 minutes to get to the gym.

Just to wait you turn to share a piece of gym equipment with 3 other people.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, after you finally get through your full workout you then have to sit in the car for another 30 minutes to get back home again, cook dinner and organize yourself to do it all again tomorrow.

I can understand why people struggle to fit exercise into their daily life. But you don’t need to do all of that anymore.

With a set of resistance bands, you can get right into your resistance loops workout as soon as you get home.

Let’s look at the type of workout you could do with a set of resistance bands.

We’ll break down a full-body workout, a simple way to get your full body done every workout is to think Push Pull Legs.

If you’re not pushing something you’re probably pulling it.

So that way you can get your whole upper body sorted and then that just leaves your legs.

So how is our push pull legs workout going to look?

Let’s make it a circuit.

We’ll do 15 reps on each movement before moving to the next.

Once the full circuit is done we’ll rest for 2 minutes.

Then we’ll repeat the full circuit two more times.


So our movements are.

Floor Press Push

Seated Row Pull

Squats Legs

Shoulder press Push

Deadlift Pull

Cossack Squat Legs

Tricep Extensions Push

Bicep Curls Pull

Overhead Squats Legs

So there we go 9 exercises in total that hit your whole body.

By all means, take 30 seconds between each movement and you’ll still be down in way less than an hour.

Below you’ll see a video I added to Youtube recently of a follow-along workout with a resistance band.

One band is all you need for this workout which only has 2 exercises.

10 minutes is all it takes to get a sweat on with this bad boy.

What Can You Do With Resistance Loops?

Anything you can do with a cable machine, you can do with a resistance band.

Almost any exercise you can do with free weights, with a bit of creativity, you can do with a resistance band.

As you see in the circuit workout above, it’s not too difficult to do a full-body workout with resistance bands.

I’ve given you a mixture of compound movements and isolated movements.

Compound movements are exercises that use more than one joint, when you use more than one joint you work more muscles.

So with an isolation movement, you are doing just that, isolating one muscle, like a bicep curl.

When you work out with resistance bands instead of free weights you are giving your muscles more time under tension.

And not only that but the further the band stretches the harder the movement gets.

So if you slow down the part of the exercise where the band is shortening again your muscles are going to work even hard still.

This is great to get so much more out of a home workout.

Fancy that, you’re working out at home and in turn end up getting a more effective workout.

And better still you can end up with a similar effect to compounding interest!

That average scenario from the start where you spend time in traffic and end up getting a less than enjoyable workout.

Well in time you’re less likely to do those. It’s easier to put a few workouts off each week.

Let’s say you just get two of those in.

But on the flip side, you could get 5 workouts in at home each week.

Sure they may not smash you as much as a heavy weights session.

But you’re doing more of them.

All those sessions at home add up to hours and hours more of exercise in just a month. So you end up getting a lot more out of a lot less.

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Do Resistance Band Workouts Really Work?

Resistance bands have proven time and time again to be an effective tool for not only building muscle but burning fat as well.

Sure, they’re not going to give your muscles the same amount of load that free weights can, but their other benefits make up for that.

Not only can resistance bands keep tension on your muscles even longer.

The resistance increases as the band are pulled tighter, meaning that the last portion of the movement is going to feel heavier than the start.

As you saw in my video above one band is all it takes to get an effective HIIT workout in only 10 minutes.

So not only do bands work, they can work anywhere!

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With the world moving faster and lives getting busier it’s becoming harder and harder to put aside the time for a gym routine.

And then with a global pandemic sending people in and out of lockdowns, it gets even harder.

For this very reason, resistance bands are becoming a more and more effective training tool.

They’re cheap, easy to transport, and can be used anywhere!

Even in a cramped 1 bedroom apartment.

To reiterate the fact, have a read of this article showing you how you can get ripped without a gym.

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