Top 10 Ab Bench Exercises – How To Get A More Intense Core Workout!

If you’re looking to add an ab bench to your home gym, you’re in luck.

This piece of equipment is a great way to target your core muscles and build a stronger midsection.

This blog post will discuss the 10 best exercises that you can do on an ab bench.

We’ll also provide tips on how to perform these exercises safely and effectively.

So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone in this post!

Before we go into the top 10 exercises though, let’s look at our core and why we should focus on improving core strength rather than just abs.

I’ve also added links to some of the best abs benches on the market so you can get started today!

What Are Your Core Muscles?

When people hear the word “core,” they often think of ab muscles.

While ab muscles are important, there’s actually a whole lot more to your core than just abs!

Your core is made up of several different muscle groups including obliques (side waist), lower back, and glutes.

These muscle groups work together as a team to help you move in different directions and maintain proper posture.

When your core muscles are weak, you’re more likely to suffer from back pain and poor posture.

This is why it’s so important to focus on strengthening your entire core, not just your abs.

ab bench exercises - woman-doing-sit-ups-on-bench

Why Focus on Core Strength?

Why should we focus on core strength instead of ab workouts if ab muscles are important?

The short answer is that focusing solely on ab exercises can lead to imbalances in your body, which may result in injuries from overuse or poor posture.

A strong core is necessary if you want to avoid injury and have a good posture.

When your ab muscles are weak, it’s harder for them to support the rest of your body, which puts extra strain on other muscle groups like back muscles and leg muscles.

A stronger core will also help with balance since these muscles control how well you stay upright when standing up straight or bending over at a desk all day long (and who doesn’t do that?).

It can be tempting to only focus on ab exercises because they’re easy and fun!

But remember: strengthening just one part of your body isn’t enough.

You need an overall balanced workout routine so that each area strengthens equally as much as possible without causing any imbalances that could lead to injury down the road.

To get started on ab bench exercises, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment: an ab bench (also known as a decline crunch machine) and weights for resistance training.

You can use dumbbells or even just bodyweight if you don’t have access to ab benches at home!

We recommend using weights because they allow more versatility in your workout routine.

There are so many different variations on ab moves with varying difficulty levels depending on how much resistance is being used during each exercise set which makes every single day’s session unique from one another day after day until infinity ends this sentence…and then some!

How Do You Target Your Lower Abs?

ab bench exercises - man-doing-toes-to-bar-exercise

Lower ab exercises are often neglected because people don’t realize that there are different muscles in your stomach.

It’s important to know how each one works so you can target them for specific results like a flat tummy or six-pack abs!

The lower ab is responsible for flexing at the hip joint when bending forward from a standing position with both legs straight.

Which means it helps keep us upright and prevents back pain due to poor posture.

The best way to target your lower abs is by doing exercises that require you to bend forward from a standing position.

You can do this by using an ab bench or simply lying flat on the floor.

When doing these exercises, make sure you focus on contracting your lower ab muscles as you curl up and towards your chest.

If you’re having trouble isolating these muscles, try sucking in your belly button as you curl up.

This will help engage the surrounding muscle groups and make it easier to feel the contraction of your lower abs.

Another easy way to target your lower abs is by hanging off a bar and raising your legs up towards you.

For a beginner try and do this with bent knees, but as your strength improves you should be aiming to bring your toes all the way to the bar with straight legs!

How Do You Use an Ab Bench Safely?

When using an ab bench for the first time, it’s always best to start with basic exercises and work your way up to more difficult ones as you get stronger.

Remember: never perform any exercise that causes pain or discomfort!

Here are some tips for safe ab bench usage:

  1. Always warm-up before starting your workout routine by doing some light cardio or stretching. This will help prevent injuries.
  2. Start with basic ab exercises and work your way up as you get stronger. Never do anything that causes pain or discomfort!
  3. Make sure to keep your back pressed firmly against the bench and your core engaged throughout the entire exercise. This will help protect your back and ensure that you’re getting the most out of each ab crunch.
  4. Don’t hold your breath while doing ab exercises – this can lead to dizziness or lightheadedness. Instead, try to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose, keeping your abs pulled in throughout the entire movement.

Now that you know how to use an ab bench safely, let’s get started with some basic exercises!

Is It Better To Do Sit-ups On A Bench?

ab bench exercises - muscular-man-training-abs-on-bench

Sit-ups are an ab exercise that targets your abs, which is one of the main muscles for sit-ups.

There are many variations of this move such as straight leg raises or crunching sideways to work out different parts in your ab area.

One thing most people don’t know about doing them on a bench though!

The best way to do sit-ups so they’re safe and effective?

Lie down with knees bent up towards chest while keeping back pressed against seat’s surface; then lift body upwards until shoulders touch thighs (you should be able to feel pressure in your ab region).

If done correctly these exercises will strengthen both core muscles and help improve posture over time because we’re not just sitting all day long anymore!

We live active lifestyles now where ab benches are a staple in many households; so it’s important to use them correctly for the best core workout results.

The Top Ten Ab Bench Exercises

So let’s get into the good stuff then!

The top 10 best ab bench exercises.

These exercises can be done with extra weight if needed or simply your own body weight.

If you don’t have free weights and want to get more resistance out of these exercises an easy solution is to just slow the exercises down and spend more time under tension.

Ok, so here we go the top 10 ab bench exercises.

1. Seated Russian Twist

Sit on the bench with your back pressed against it, and hold a weight plate or medicine ball at your chest.

Lean back slightly, twist your torso to the right and repeat on the other side.

2. Reverse Crunch

Lie down facing up on the bench, and place your hands by your sides.

Bring your knees in towards your chest, then use your abs to curl them upwards until they’re close to your head.

Hold for a second before lowering them back down.

3. Pilates Scissor Kick

Lie flat on the ab bench, with both legs straight out in front of you.

Raise one leg high into the air, then switch legs and repeat.

4. Captain’s Chair

Sit on the ab bench, holding onto the handles behind your head.

Lift both legs up off of the ground and bend them at a 90-degree angle before extending them back out again slowly.

5. Incline Bench Crunch

Lie down facing up on an incline ab bench with your feet flat on top of it.

Then place your hands behind your ears and crunch your torso upwards towards them until they’re close to touching knees.

Hold for two seconds before lowering yourself back down slowly (repeat this movement).

6. Oblique Crunch

Lie down on the ab bench, press your lower back against the pad, and place feet flat on the ground.

Place one hand behind the head, elbow bent, and the other hand across the chest as you crunch to meet the knee with an elbow.

7. Decline Bench Reverse Crunch

Position yourself on the decline ab bench so that your hips are slightly higher than your head.

Place your hands beside you for support, then curl your legs up towards your chest before lowering them back down again slowly.

8. Decline Bench Leg Raise

Position yourself on the ab bench with your hips slightly higher than your head, and place hands beside you for support.

Curl both legs up towards the chest before lowering them back down again slowly; repeat this movement to complete one repetition.

9. Lower Back Extensions

Lie face down on the ab bench and place your hands at your sides.

Keep your chin tucked, then raise your torso and upper legs off of the bench while keeping your lower back pressed against it.

Hold for a second before lowering yourself back down again.

10. Incline Leg Raise

Lie on your back on the ab bench, with feet together and legs straight out in front of you.

Raise your torso and upper legs off of the bench while keeping your lower back pressed against it.

Hold for a second before lowering yourself back down again.

The 2 Best Ab Benches For Home

As I mentioned at the start here are 4 great ab benches to add to your home gym.

While they may take up a bit of space most are easy to pack away.

But if you already have the space for a home gym then an ab bench is the next thing to add to it!

The Best Ab Bench

The Pro Maxima PLR700 is what I recommend for a few reasons.

It’s easy to adjust and has the option of adjusting the seat angle, making it easy to use for more than just ab exercises.

And rollers make it easy to pack away!

It will set you back $740 though, but it think its versatility justifies the price tag.

Pro Maxima PLR700 Adjustable Decline Bench
Pro Maxima PLR700 Adjustable Decline Bench

The Budget Friendly Option

The Pro Maxima FW30 is a great low-cost option.

The angle of the bench can still be adjusted and it has a reasonably small footprint. The cost for this one is only $447.

Pro Maxima FW30 Adjustable Sit Up Bench
Pro Maxima FW30 Adjustable Sit Up Bench

Now don’t get me wrong you don’t have to fork out for an ab bench.

You could always use a normal flat bench and prop up one end to give you an angle.

Please be safe though if you’re going to take the super low-budget option.

And keep in mind you’ll want something to hook your feet over.

Now that you know all about ab benches and some basic exercises to get started, try incorporating these moves into your routine a few times a week to see results!

Remember to always focus on good form, breathe correctly, and use an appropriate weight (if applicable) to really challenge your core muscles.

And as always, consult with a doctor before beginning any new workout routine.

Happy ab benching!

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